click to see the culprit! We hate Copperplate. To us, two humble Graphic Designers in the heart of Texas, it's become one of the most overused and incorrectly used fonts in America. Don't believe us? We're willing to bet that there are at least two items in your house at this very moment that use Copperplate. They are likely food items.

Our mission is to document Copperplate's virus-like domination of the typography world. The photos here include true Copperplate examples, as well as mutant offshoots that are the result of mentally ill desktop publishers.

Most of the posts here are captured in the moment on our mobile phones, hence the "iffy" quality of some pictures. Photo dumps usually occur when we've been using a real camera, so we have to post later; all the photos will then get dumped into one m-m-m-mega post.

Copperplate is EVERYWHERE. See for yourself!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Our Trip to Atlanta

We started our journey of documenting Copperplate on the way to Atlanta, Georgia for a convention. Knowing that there existed an outlandish number of shops that had nothing but Copperplate made it the perfect place to begin.

Actually, some of it started in the DFW Airport, our departing city.

Nuthin' says "ROUGH AND TOUGH" like Copperplate.

While in the convention center, friendly CP directed us where to go.

Back in the Atlanta Airport, Wendy's fast food not only uses Copperplate, but HIGHLY ugly apostrophe. We weren't even sure if that qualifies as an inch-mark; it looks more like an errant line.

Using ugly punctuation and CP must also be a Southern Tradition.

The first of many banking centers that decide that Copperplate exudes a feeling of trust and confidence.

Oh I get it. Copperplate says "eatery." This kinda looks like someone ran the typeface over with a steamroller.


AND YOU TOO! There might be herds of people blocking my way to an unblurry shot, but we know you're CP!

Thus begins our journey into the over-usage that is Copperplate.

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