click to see the culprit! We hate Copperplate. To us, two humble Graphic Designers in the heart of Texas, it's become one of the most overused and incorrectly used fonts in America. Don't believe us? We're willing to bet that there are at least two items in your house at this very moment that use Copperplate. They are likely food items.

Our mission is to document Copperplate's virus-like domination of the typography world. The photos here include true Copperplate examples, as well as mutant offshoots that are the result of mentally ill desktop publishers.

Most of the posts here are captured in the moment on our mobile phones, hence the "iffy" quality of some pictures. Photo dumps usually occur when we've been using a real camera, so we have to post later; all the photos will then get dumped into one m-m-m-mega post.

Copperplate is EVERYWHERE. See for yourself!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

photo dump

At one point I was keeping track of what pictures were taken what days, and where, and other useful things.

But now you just get a huge photo dump! Excuse the terrible camera phone pictures, just use your imagination.

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

I have a blog? Er okay!

Well anyway I have suggestions!

1 - You should circle the Copperplate when there's more than one text format used. ... Not cause I can't tell ... but you know because those other people that aren't as smart can't. It's for them. No really.

2 - YOU SO NEED MORE OF ... People posing with the Copperplate. I laughed and laughed at the one of the Sigel's guy standing there with the OH GOD PLEASE KILL ME smile. lolololomfgrofl.

3 - I love you guys. :o