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Our mission is to document Copperplate's virus-like domination of the typography world. The photos here include true Copperplate examples, as well as mutant offshoots that are the result of mentally ill desktop publishers.

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Copperplate is EVERYWHERE. See for yourself!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

T-Mobile + Copperplate

Aww, look, you can deface your phone with the world's ugliest typeface. How nice.


Anonymous said...

I hate copperplate! But this is one place where I think it looks OK. Engraving is actually a correct use of the font.

Anonymous said...

I hate copperplate, too. But engraving is actually an appropriate use of the font.

David said...

Ha! Very funny. I actually designed the site in question.

While I do agree that Copperplate is grossly overused, if I had a blog like this it would be called


Nicole said...

David, badass and nice to meet you.

We have talked about having "spotlights" featured on this blog of other notable font offenders, and Comic Sans is on the top of the list. Rock on.

Olivia said...

I still stand by my screenshot! As noted in Nicole's post above (The More You Know!) there is a difference between Copperplate GOTHIC and actual copperplate used for engraving.

Also, remember, the copperplate used for engraving would be printed all nice and backwards to be used in prints. As a printmaker, I would never ever sully one of my prints with that ghastliness.

Nicole said...

Anonymous 1 & 2 (or perhaps Anonymous 1 who double-posted):

I actually just posted an entry about Copperplate Gothic's actual role in the copper plate engraving movement: here.