click to see the culprit! We hate Copperplate. To us, two humble Graphic Designers in the heart of Texas, it's become one of the most overused and incorrectly used fonts in America. Don't believe us? We're willing to bet that there are at least two items in your house at this very moment that use Copperplate. They are likely food items.

Our mission is to document Copperplate's virus-like domination of the typography world. The photos here include true Copperplate examples, as well as mutant offshoots that are the result of mentally ill desktop publishers.

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Copperplate is EVERYWHERE. See for yourself!

Monday, February 19, 2007

this just in

There is hope yet for our arch-enemy, Copperplate.

Found on Buca di Beppo's site for a Valentine's Day promotion, I give you:

A PROPER AND QUITE GOOD EXAMPLE OF COPPEPLATE! Can you see why? There will be a quiz on it, later.


thejessicat said...

Olivia and Nicole,
While I applaud your efforts to raise awareness on the overuse of Copperplate, I remain slightly puzzled. I mean, um, it's a font, right? It hardly seems worth your ire. For the record, do we like Copperplate and just object to its overuse, or do we simply despise Copperplate with burning hatred of a thousand suns? Really, tell me what to think, here - I defer to your superior printmaking knowlege and expertise! Also, I'm confused about the "correct" and "incorrect" use of Copperplate. Again, from a non-artist's perspective, it's a font. If I can read it, then it has served its purpose, right? I once typed an entire paper in Copperplate. I assume now that this was bad (although I got an A!). What should Copperplate be used for, so that I may share in your indignation and avoid such plebian mistakes in the future?

Olivia said...

Copperplate is small! Perfect for couples!